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Firebase Plugins BASIC for Construct 3

Firebase SDK Plugin

Install and initialize Firebase SDK

Firebase Authentication Basic Plugin

Email & Password Authentication

Email Verification

Send password reset email

Update User's current Email, Password

Username & Password Authentication

Phone Authentication (using OTP)- [Support on HTML5 Export Only]

OAuth- Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Github, Microsoft & Yahoo- [Support on HTML5 Export Only]

Manage User Details- Email, Username, Display Picture URL, User ID, Current Auth Provider

Delete User

Firebase Realtime Database Basic Plugin

Write Data

Increment/Decrement data

Read Data

Create/Read Leaderboard

Read Data as JSON

User Account (or Predefined) Mode: Write and Read data at/from an automatically created secure User Account location. Authentication must be enabled.

Custom Mode: Write and Read data at any custom location

Firebase Cloud Storage Basic Plugin

Upload Images and Files

Download Images and Files


Firebase Basic Plugins

The current page allows you to purchase the BASIC plan. Get the PRO plugins from the links below.
NOTE: Firebase BASIC Plugins must be purchased before any of the PRO plugins can be used.

Visit Store for Firebase Authentication PRO Plugin



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In order to download this Plugin Pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Examples (03-May-21).zip 553 kB
Bonus Plugins & 70 kB
Firebase RD-Basic (6.0.1).c3addon 11 kB
Firebase CloudStorage (2.0.1).c3addon 6 kB
Firebase SDK (7.0.5).c3addon 8 kB
Firebase Auth-Basic (6.0.6).c3addon 11 kB

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i just purchased . Can you sent example c3 project  to me Thank you .

(2 edits)

Hi, its included in the package you purchased.
You just need to download Examples (03-May-21).zip.

(Also, I usually provide support in Discord. It's a great platform for Chats and Communities. Join Link: )


Thank you 


I am a DEV of games with Construct 3 and I am using this plug-in that seems wonderful to me, also if the author gives excellent support for his community on Discord. With this you can have your table of records of your players running on any platform, be it HTML5 or native Android or iOS in a simple way with a Firebase database, if you want to have this in your games, do not hesitate to invest in this plug-in. 

Thanks to this, my next games to come out this year are with your online high score table. Thanks Sparsha !!!

(4 edits)

I am glad you like it! Thanks for the advertising Haha ♥