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Firebase Plugin Collection [Web Worker supported]



  • Firebase SDK
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Realtime Database Basic


  • Firebase Realtime Database Extended (Working with lists of data, Socialize, chat and more)
  • Firebase  Cloud Messaging
  • Firebase  Cloud Storage
  • Firebase Notifications
  • Firebase Dynamic Links
  • Firebase Google Analytics

*Extended version not available yet.

Only 3 events for a working Full Customizable Leaderboard!

Features- Basic Plan(Early Release) 

  • Install Firebase SDK
  • Authentication
    • Email & Password Authentication
    • Email Verification
    • Username & Password Authentication
    • Phone Authentication (using OTP)
    • Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Github, Microsoft & Yahoo Authentication [no web worker support]
    • Manage User Details- Username, Display Picture URL, User ID
    • Delete User
    • Display Picture URL is automatically set from the user's account when using Auth providers such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Github, Microsoft, Yahoo to sign in
    • Send password reset email
    • Update user email
  • Firebase Realtime Database (Fully customisable):
    • Write Data
    • Read Data
    • Create/Read Leaderboard
    • Read Data as JSON
    • User Account Mode: Write and Read data at/from an automatically created secure User Account location. (Authentication must be enabled)
    • Custom Mode: Write and Read data at any custom location

  • Security:
    • The Plugins provide a way to obfuscate the Firebase SDK codes. This makes it difficult for attackers to find the Firebase API Keys and other firebase Config Data from exported files.


  • Join the Discord Community
    • Join Construct 2/3 & Firebase Community for help, discussions, bug-reports and feature requests. I'm trying to build a community where we can  discuss,  make great games and help me make this plugin collection grow!
    • Invite Link- https://discord.gg/2cXyu9m
  • Email- sparshadhar@gmail.com
    • Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome!
    • Sorry to say, I have dropped support for discussions through email or Messenger. But you can always contact me and meet the whole community at Discord!
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StatusIn development
Tagsconstruct, construct-3, database, firebase, user-account


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this plugin collection you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Firebase SDK (2.0.1).c3addon 5 kB
Firebase Authentication (1.10.0 beta).c3addon 9 kB
Firebase Realtime Database-Basic (1.4.1 beta).c3addon 7 kB
Examples & Guide r4.zip 2 MB
Bonus Plugins r2.zip 7 kB

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